Make Your Money Matter

Every dollar passing through our hands represents an opportunity to advance our values. From the most simple action of buying our morning cup of coffee to the broader scope of managing our investment portfolio, we can simply reinforce the current global financial system trajectory OR we can help create a shift toward a more socially […]

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Creating Common Ground

Sometimes the best way to create common ground is to literally create common ground. On our most recent radio show, Ken Miller explored the current reality and future potential of this concept with two leading local practitioners, Rich Hoops of Impact Hub Boulder and Professor James White from the University of Colorado. The conversation showcases […]

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Conscious Consumerism

On the surface, “Conscious Consumerism” sounds a bit like an oxymoron. Consumption is typically a pejorative term in the minds of the environmentally conscious. But life on this planet inevitably involves consuming so the more pertinent issue is to have awakened thinking when wearing your consumer hat. This program features two local business leaders who […]

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Smart Meter Information

The Dangers of “Smart” Meters: Are You Informed? Additional Information than previously published in The Redstone Review, Lyons Colorado 4.16.14 The three electric companies that service the Lyons area are currently installing “Smart Meters” (SM). These meters are an extremely powerful and sophisticated technology that should be considered before your acceptance. Are you informed about […]

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Desperate Local Family Builds Shack In County Open Space!

…can you imagine reading this headline in the Daily Camera? Boulder County has great resources to support families and individuals with inadequate incomes to secure affordable housing. But the current path is not sustainable. Subsidies, whether they come from city, county or private resources, are pushing the problem further into the future. What is most […]

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Soil and Sacrament: A Conversation with Fred Bahnson & Fundraiser for the Front Range Farm Relief Fund

This was an evening of rich conversation, hosted by a Boulder-based Interfaith Coalition, exploring sustainability and the positive impacts which faith organizations have on local food systems. Keynote speaker Fred Bahnson, author of Soil and Sacrament: A Spiritual Memoir of Food and Faith and director of the Food, Faith and Religious Leadership Initiative at Wake […]

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Understanding Social Capital

By Eric Swanson Robert D. Putnam (author of Bowling Alone and Better Together) defines social capital as “social networks, norms of reciprocity, mutual assistance and trustworthiness.” Like many others he is convinced that social capital is just as important or perhaps even more important than physical, financial and human capital. In an essay entitled “The […]

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Baby Boomers are Re-Visioning the Promise of Our Elder Years

Restoring the Soul, Collaborative Community, KGNU FORUM 
Broadcast May 23, 2013 @ 8:30am from The HUB Boulder “Baby Boomers are Re-Visioning the Promise of Our Elder Years” Download the MP3 replay here Resources Sponsors:
 Windhorse Family and Elder Care Project Revive For Any Questions: Please contact Prescott Knock at Studies Referenced: “The […]

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