Community Collaboration in Action – Let’s help Bridge House!

bridgehouseA few years ago, we collaborated with two of our key partners, Boulder Bridge House and Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO) to help recalibrate our community perception of homelessness. Driven by the artistic and leadership genius of David and Elle Page, “Until They Have Faces” came to life as a project that gave faces, stories, dignity and humanity to our fellow citizens living on the streets.

I have vivid memories of the numerous visionary, caffeine-infused meetings with Joy Redstone (former Executive Director of Bridge House) and Isabelle McDevitt (current Executive Director of Bridge House). Those conversations were typically focused on the need for increased community education and advocacy, infused with a healthy dose of Isabelle’s vision to create tangible enterprises that would provide employment for the homeless.

Thanks to the vision and leadership Isabelle has consistently brought to Bridge House and the larger community, that dream had become a reality. Today, Bridge House provides employment training through their recently purchased commercial kitchen space. This enterprise allows Bridge House to combine their commitment to feed the hungry in our community with their commitment to provide jobs for Ready to Work trainees as a stepping stone out of homelessness.

Our next forum has the distinct privilege of not only featuring Isabelle as a panelist, but also hors d’oeuvres provided by the Bridge House Kitchen staff.

Today we learned of a way that we can all step in now to help Bridge House and we’d like to ask you to do what you can. Here are the details:

We need your help NOW for Bridge House to win the Elevations Credit Union Funding the Extraordinary Contest!

Elevations Credit Union is having a contest for the most innovative programs in Boulder and Bridge House has been selected as a finalist for our Community Table Kitchen for our work creating jobs for homeless men and women. Now it is time to gather votes from our community. The competition is steep so help us win $5000 by voting for Bridge House!

Here’s what you can do:

Click here to vote NOW

The voting is on the Elevations Credit Union Facebook page

When you get to the page, you have to click to like the page so you can get to the voting. Once you click like, you’ll see a link that says, vote now… click on that. Our profile is listed under Isabel M.

Look for this:
Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.54.52 PM

Click on the vote button under our photo and once that registers, please click on share to help us spread the word!

You can Vote EVERY DAY between 2/4/14 and 2/14/14

There are two other ways to get involved… you can click here to read more about those.

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