Ken Miller

Ken Miller

Ken Miller, Co-Founder

Ken Miller suffers from a condition that causes his brain to function like a virtual rolodex… with no off switch.

If you have the opportunity to meet him, and you likely will, feel free to share your passions or life experiences with him because he will likely connect you to a person who will accelerate or augment your life mission.

Ken has invested over 30 years in nonprofit enterprise leadership. His passion for serving marginalized people has led him across 5 continents of both impoverished villages and world class cities where the poor hide in plain sight. His specific expertise is collaboration, communication, and cultural architecture.

Ken is passionate about vision led change.  For the past several years, Ken has put his world travels on the back burner to focus on collaborative work in Boulder Colorado. This local focus gave birth to Project Revive, a nonprofit initiative that seeks to build collaboration among business, government, nonprofit, and faith community leaders to serve the common good.

Ken has been a driving force in the re-birth of The Collaborative Community Radio Show (originally founded by Tania Leontov) – a program intended to showcase the dynamic ways that diverse organizations in Boulder County are collaborating across sectors to create positive social change.

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