Prescott Knock

Prescott Knock, Co-Founder

Prescott Knock, Co-Founder

Prescott Knock has a life-long passion for facilitating spiritual transformation, especially in bringing awareness to the potential of group collaboration. He is dedicated to facilitating inter-faith dialogue which he feels has the power to heal deep misunderstandings between cultures.

Prescott’s teaching style is influenced by his world travels and time spent living with indigenous cultures. He has Master’s Degrees in Buddhist Studies and the Philosophy of Religion.

In 2003 Prescott co-founded The Buddhist Coalition and has been involved with community projects creating partnerships across sectors. As former adjunct faculty at Naropa University, he enjoyed developing service learning between the students and community.

Prescott has been a driving force in the re-birth of The Collaborative Community Radio Show (originally founded by Tania Leontov) – a program to showcase the dynamic ways that diverse organizations in Boulder County are collaborating across sectors to create positive social change. We welcome you to take part in these live event recordings at The Boulder Impact HUB.

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